DIY Mask for Acne! – Cinnamon, Nutmeg and Honey (yum)

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This mask is the best and smells AMAZING! Try it out and let me know what you think! SUBSCRIBE MY BEAUTIES!!! XO MAIN CHANNEL:…


Nida Naqvi says:

i was looking for some DIY face masks and am SO glad I came across yours. I
don’t have an acne issue as such but I was stress- breaking out and have
redness on my cheeks. I have always had the redness where it kinda looks
like a rash but doesn’t bother me. Looks more like irritated skin. So
anyway, i was super cautious and applied it gently. after 30 minutes i
started gently rubbing it off but my chin started feeling irritated so
instead i just washed it off gently. the difference it made instantly was
AMAZING!! there is a glow on my face and the redness is practically gone. I
LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!!! thanks for sharing!


Did you see good results from this? and how long did it take for you to see
them? I’m gonna try it for my acne scars and hope it helps!

Mike Stratan says:

The best acne treatment I ever used that really works it’s found at You can try it riskfree

Rey Dao says:

how many times a week should i apply this mask on?

Linds M. says:

I did! It helped bring my redness and inflammation down and I noticed the
next day. Everyone’s skin reacts differently so I can’t make any promises,
but I hope it helps as well!

Linds M. says:

Awesome! :)

Linds M. says:

I wouldn’t to this particular mask because the cinnamon and nutmeg are kind
of harsh already, and help to fight acne. I would suggest adding egg white
to gentler masks that aren’t directly made to fight acne.

CarolineDenhame says:

I’ve been using a similar mask to this for a while and it’s so good!! <3

Linds M. says:

Once a week is good, any more than that could irritate your skin!

sublimewearinkid says:

So does this really work? And how long till you see a differance

Peircetheveillover7 says:

Do u think u could add egg white?

Linds M. says:

I’m hooked! :)

sublimewearinkid says:

Soo does this work? And how long till yu see a deferance

Nikkie Lunsford says:

Trying it out!! :)

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